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Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Many thieves are opportunists and will strike if they think the time (and price) is right. Hiding your valuables can help to prevent them from trying to break in in the first place. Your phone and Sat Nav are the obvious culprits, but make sure other items such as jackets, sunglasses and shopping bags are out of sight too.

You should never leave your valuables in your car, and you can hide other items in your glovebox or boot. Remember to hide signs of expensive equipment too, such as windscreen marks left from Sat Navs.

Fit a Car Alarm

If your car doesn’t already have one, then getting an alarm can be a good deterrent for thieves, helping to make your car extra secure.

If you’re looking to lower your car insurance, then insurers may be more inclined to give discounts if you have a professionally fitted alarm. However, one you have fitted yourself will work just as well at scaring thieves off – the sound alone should scare them out of what they are doing, as it alerts passers-by.


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Get an Immobiliser

An immobiliser only allows your car to be started by the correct key or fob (aka yours), which can help to keep your car secure from criminals.

Since 8th October 1998, all cars have had immobilisers fitted as standard – but if you’re driving an old car, you’ll need to get this checked.

Immobilisers can work in a number of ways – most commonly by preventing the ignition, fuel pump or starter pump from working, if someone tries to start the car with incorrect keys.

Whilst some seasoned criminals may know a way to start your car regardless, the time it can take for them to actually do this can mean that someone will already have been alerted to what they’re trying to do, so they won’t have time to drive off.

Think About Where You Park

This is something to be considered both when you’re at home or out. Of course, the safest place at home is to keep it locked in a garage – but not everyone will have access to one. Parking on your driveway is the next best option, but if the only parking available is on-street, try to ensure it’s as close to your house as possible, in a well-lit place, and ideally with CCTV watching over.

If you’re parking your car when you’re at work or out and about, then secure car parks are the best way to keep your car safe from thieves. But if that’s not an option, then it’s common sense: avoid parking in any areas that look slightly dodgy, or are badly lit. After all, you’ll also need to feel safe walking back to your car.

Get a Tracker Fitted

Car trackers can cost a lot, but they are a useful piece of technology when keeping your car secure from thieves.

Whilst trackers can’t stop your car from being stolen, they can help you to easier locate and recover it, as it traces the location of your car.

There are two types of trackers for you to choose from:

  • GPS Systems: These will locate your car at street level.
  • VHF Systems: These trackers can locate your car even if it’s located in an underground car park, providing that extra level of security.

Of course, there are many more ways in which you can help your car to become more secure. Whilst not all of them can stop thieves from actually stealing the contents – or the car itself – outright; they can act as severe deterrents or preventatives: so that there’s a higher chance of thieves being caught in the action.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to purchase a new car, you can check out its Thatcham rating to see how safe and secure it is. Or alternatively, for more car security tips and tricks, head on over to our FAQs page.

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