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We can programme your car key fobs and transponders in minutes!

CAT Autokeys offers a fast and reliable car key programming service, and have the most advanced equipment and machinery meaning we can reprogram car keys from almost all car makes and models. Our auto locksmiths are mobile so we can come to you at your convenience unlike main car dealerships.

Follow our steps below and we’ll make sure your days of suffering from a unresponsive car key fob will be numbered.

Steps to follow if you need your car key reprogramming:

  1. Make a note of your vehicle manufacturer, year of make and model
  2. Make a note of your location so we can find you
  3. Call CAT Autokeys and one of our engineers will be out on the double
  4. Contact your insurer: many provide key protection cover

The majority of vehicles manufactured after 1995 are fitted with transponder keys, which unlock and start the vehicle electronically. Because of this, most regular locksmiths aren’t equipped with the tools required to deal with this type of key.

Using cutting-edge software and locksmithing equipment, CAT Autokeys auto locksmiths will access your vehicle damage-free and provide you with a new, fully programmed key, specific to your vehicle.

If you need us immediately we will get to you as soon as possible and this could be within an hour. If you don’t need us immediately then you can make an appointment for us to come out at a convenient time for you.

Just call our head office on 07970 194 809 or send an email to info@catautokeys.co.uk and one of our auto locksmiths with be happy to help.

Why Choose CAT Autokeys

  • Fast response
  • 18 years industry experience
  • Affordable and friendly

Car Key Programming FAQs

How much will it cost to programme my car key?

I will always try and keep the cost of programming a car key down. If there is a method of programming a car key that is a more cost effective option I will use that method e.g.

Cloning: If you have your original key it may be possible to create a duplicate and clone the transponder from your key. With the software we carry this can be a quick process and can be a relatively cheap option. However, not all keys can be cloned and this option isn’t always appropriate depending on the state of your key

Programming new car keys: Our next option is to programme a car key manually using a laptop and dealership software which can increase costs due to the amount of work involved.

Depending on the above factors, car key programming can cost anything from £30 to £120, which will include the cost of travel. If it’s a car you know you will be keeping for a while it may be economical to also get a spare set done at the same time.

How long will it take you to get to me?

  • How quick we can get to you is dependent on where you are and what the local traffic is like but if it’s an emergency we could get to you within an hour. Call us to find out.

Which areas do you cover?

  • Our car key programming services are available across the East Midlands. We are available to specifically support Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln & Sheffield. Find out more about where we’re located, ways to get in touch and how we can help in the area best suited to you.

For more commonly asked questions please visit our FAQ page or give us a ring on 0115 914 2434 / 07970 194 809 and we’ll be happy to help.

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