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When you originally get your car, you’ll also be given a spare set of car keys. Admittedly, it can be all too easy to lay them down somewhere and forget about them… until you need them.

These five places are great safe spaces to store your car keys. Just don’t forget where they are (you may want to make a note of their hiding place in your phone!).

With a Trusted Person

Do you have a family member, friend or neighbour who can look after your spare set of car keys? Giving your keys to someone who is on your insurance means they can drive your car if needed.

Alternatively, if you find yourself locked out of your car, then you can just pop next door or drive over to collect your spare pair of keys.

In Your Wallet

You’ll likely carry your wallet or purse with you at all times if you’re away from home, and it’s something you’re very unlikely to leave in your car.

Because you’ll almost always have it to hand, it’s the ideal place to store your car keys should you get locked out of your car. Plus, they’re unlikely to go missing or get stolen, as you’ll nearly always have them to hand.

In Your Top Drawer

Most of us will have a spare drawer that we seem to store our life admin in… paperwork, passports, you name it.

This could be a great place for your spare set of car keys, as you may find it easier to remember where they are – especially as it would be the first place you’d look, for things like this.

Bury your keys under some of the stuff that’s already in your drawers, so if anyone does go rummaging, they’ll find them difficult to discover.

In the Birdhouse

Got a birdhouse in the garden that birds just never seem to flock to? Provided you don’t have a nesting family in there, the birdhouse can be a great place to hide your spare car key.

Alternatively, you could even buy a decoy birdhouse: to the untrained eye it looks like a resting place for birds, but if you look closely you’ll see the door is too small for them to get in. It is however, the perfect fit for your spare car keys!

Under Your Decking

If you have decking in your garden, then you’ve got another potential hiding place for your spare set of car keys.

In the corner of the decking, hammer a nail into the wood, which you can then hang your keys off. Picking the furthest corner away will not only make it harder for anyone else to spot, it’ll also be an easy place for you to remember.

Just make sure you check that the area you choose is dry – you don’t want your key to rust!

There are lots of places you can hide your spare car key – you just need to think of a place that’s safe, and you won’t forget about.

Alternatively, if you need a replacement car key, then take a look at our replacement car key service, or give one of our auto locksmiths a call on 07970 194 809.

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