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BMW X5’s are a lovely car and can be targeted by the unscrupulous so when we get called out we are normally providing replacement BMW X5 Keys along with full lock changes and erasing old keys. However we’ve also supplied a spare to dealerships or fixed immobiliser issues.

If you’re in need of an Auto Locksmith for your BMW X5 or any other car please call one of the team on 07970 194 809 to get a quote.

Replacement BMW X5 Keys
Bmw x5 65 plate after having keys stolen. We carried out a lock change, erased old keys and supplied our customer with some shiny new keys.


Replacement BMW X5 Key
No theft this time! Customer just needed a spare BMW X5 key


CAT Autokeys have over 18 years fixing locks, changing or reprogramming keys so we’ve seem our fair share of situations and have been able to help in most if not all. We stock original equipment and have BMW dealership software in order to erase and reprogramme keys such as the BMW X5’s in the above examples. We can help:

  • Replacing BMW X5 keys
  • Full lock replacement
  • Immobiliser issues
  • Supply of OEM keys

If you’re not in a rush to get your replacement BMW X5 keys you can contact us using the online form to book an appointment with one of our team.

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